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Friday, May 06, 2005

Week 9

1. Make sure that you are in the right place
(Use it as a source not just for fun)
2. when in doubt, doubt
(Test sources against each other all of them are bias in someway)
3. Consider the source
(Find out who wrote the web page and see if they are accurate)
4. Know what is happing
(Find out what the web pages purpose is)
5. look at the details
(Look for things like correct spelling and grammar)
6. distinguish web pages to pages found in Australia
(Everything is found on the web)

Counterculture of the sixties

Accuracy: Although a few spelling mistakes (“Thank you flo wer children.”) this sight got the point across

Authorship: there was no author shown on this sight. When I went back to the home page it has an email address that I can contact about enquires

Purpose: the purpose was to get across why the sixties happened and the result of it in a short reading

Detail and design: there was a lovely picture but everything was a little boring. I think that this sight is genuine, not like the sight below it has statistics, dates and thesis statements

Overall worth: I liked this web sight; it showed every aspect of the sixties. I also liked how it got to the point straight away instead of dragging it on.

The sixties project

Accuracy: I wasn’t born in the sixties so I don’t really know what it was like but looking at this sight I think it could be accurate. It had journals and stories by everyone born in the sixties although I’m not to sure about it because some one like me could just go on and fill out one for fun.

Authorship: the last time this sight was updated was the beginning of 1999, 6 years ago. The sight was designed by new word order when I clicked on it the www could not find it.

Purpose: this sight is a sight were all survivors of the sixties can come on to and talk to other sixties survivors and there experiences

Detail and design: I like how the web sight is so colourful although plain again this got the word across.

Overall worth: this was my favourite out of all the six sights I went to it was plain, it told me the aim of the sight in one small paragraph and had headings so I didn’t have to read the whole things just what mattered


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