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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

week 5 presentation bits and atoms

Bits vs atoms

Atoms are traditional. We all read the newspaper magazines and books, these are all atoms
Atoms have their good side.
Atoms are easy to protect there easy to hide their very hard to change and copy but in saying that they bulky, costly, their very difficult to edit and distribute Atoms are becoming a thing of the past, as I go further into later down the page bits are going to be easier cheaper and lazier to find

Bits are digital which for example are found on the internet, they are finantualdemographic and matters of choice
Bits also have their good and bad side. Bits are very flexible and cheep they are easy to edit and mass produce and broadcast. Although bits do not have any privacy how many times have students for example gone on the internet and plagiarised therefore it is easy to copy and steal by anyone. Authenticity people claiming to be a professor can come onto the internet and make up unrealistic statistics which can be used in a university paper

Bits are taking over the atoms formal atoms such as banking and cds are found on the internet- internet banking and pirated music as well as emails
(how often are letters written) My point is saying that things in our everyday life will be found in bit form in the future things such as TV and shopping. What is next? One day we could all be sitting around the computer doing all our everyday tasks. I for one know that shopping is becoming even more popular because by doing it in the comfort of your home you can stay in your pyjamas and do nothing at the same time. Diets are on the internet my mum is on a diet on the net were you can talk to other dieters it tells you what to eat and makes a diagram of all your efforts

One thing to make bits that one thing easier is that we can make favourites we no longer need to remember addresses to do this we go into tools click customise toolbars and tick drawing than to add you need to right click text


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