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Friday, May 13, 2005

week 10

Library website had many useful functions, these include

1. It gives you ways to do things. It can teach you to- develop your assignment topic, finding journal articles searching the web and searching for information using subject sources
2. It has ways to search the library using the web via: author, title, subject, keyword etc.
3. it can let you search databases via other campuses
4. It gives you the online version of the ecu learning guide
5. It shows you how to borrow from the library
6. It has an easy click on service. You can just click on the title and it will give you sub titles on what you need
7. it has a button you can click on to ask them any question
8. It has serveys that you can get into
9. it has hours, rules and contacts
10. it has a feedback link that you can say what you think
I looked at Je-Vax what it is is below;
Japanese encephalitis (in-cef-a-LY-tis) virus vaccine is an immunizing agent used to help prevent infection by the Japanese encephalitis virus. Japanese encephalitis is caused by the bite of a mosquito that lives in certain parts of Asia. The vaccine works by causing your body to produce its own protection (antibodies) against the virus.
This drug can apply to
• tourists visiting Asia
• Those who are bitten by the mosquito
• By Asians living in those parts of asia that are swamped by that mosquito
I looked at the asthma slide show on the medical website.
This site was really helpful. For a parent for example they can learn everything that they need to know and it is not difficult to understand.
This site is really really good it gives you ways to do things for example
• It goes at you own pace
• It has diagrams
• It is a fun page very colourful
• It has true false questions if you answer wrong it will n ot let you go on
• It gives you everything, an intro,anotamy, symptoms and causes, diagnosis, tratmant option and a summery
This website gives you the framework ,best practice, education, detection, how to reduce supply it was really good. To find it I went into google and wrote down drugs in sport and it gave me this great website


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