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Friday, April 29, 2005

Week 7

1) Russia
2) Venezuela
3) Brazil
4) River Tigris
5) Poland
6) Siberia
7) Pakistan
8) Burma
9) Australia
10) Africa
11) Australia

Good searches consist of four main strategies
-a good search engine for example my favourite is askjeeves
-key words it narrows everything down, a sentence will give you everything that has an “it” or an “and” in it.
-Commas are good way to get what you need
-narrow it down if you can. In google it has pages from Australia, Images, groups, news and more
-In google, there is a tag that says advanced search when you click on it you can use any language format etc. this is helpful for the sentences etc.

Today I found this fantastic site on google called advanced search in there you can right in what you need to find, I had no idea about all the other search engines. The only search engine that I use is google or askjeeves, there is go eureka yahoo AltaVista.


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