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Friday, April 29, 2005

Week 7

1) Russia
2) Venezuela
3) Brazil
4) River Tigris
5) Poland
6) Siberia
7) Pakistan
8) Burma
9) Australia
10) Africa
11) Australia

Good searches consist of four main strategies
-a good search engine for example my favourite is askjeeves
-key words it narrows everything down, a sentence will give you everything that has an “it” or an “and” in it.
-Commas are good way to get what you need
-narrow it down if you can. In google it has pages from Australia, Images, groups, news and more
-In google, there is a tag that says advanced search when you click on it you can use any language format etc. this is helpful for the sentences etc.

Today I found this fantastic site on google called advanced search in there you can right in what you need to find, I had no idea about all the other search engines. The only search engine that I use is google or askjeeves, there is go eureka yahoo AltaVista.

Friday, April 22, 2005

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Free Image Hosting at

week 6

This week I learned to do end notes. Endnotes are more commonly known as refernces. These endnotes can be done on the computer. When you come into work it should appear once appeared you click on the tab second from the left it will come up with a blank screen. To enter a endnote there are a two yellow pages 9 tabes from the left click on that. It will then appear with a set out refernce guide. Enter in the ones that can be provided. Once done that click the top right hand cross and it will come up with youre own on the blank space, don’t forget to enter whether it is a book of journasl etc. to put them on your word page click on your blank page when on there click the arrow tab which will put it in word for you