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Friday, May 27, 2005

week 12

In my email I learned how to add folders in which I can store my emails in. the outline said to use one for emails from the tutor. I did and did tests to make sure it worked I did it by,
• Clicking on the title folders.,
• at the top of the page it gave me a box to write my folders name
• Than I clicked add and I had a new folder to add your emails to that folder you have to click into the box next to that folder.
• On the top column you can have the email sent to your folder.

For the second part of the outcome I started my search with, from that I chose one of their subheadings-groups it gave me everything that I could choose from. I choose arts and entertainment as I love acting. It gave me subheadings I choose movies, than it gave me choices of movies like music etc. I choose dance than art under that sub-sub heading and it than gave me all different links of all people talking I choose sabotage because it sounded the most interesting out of the lot. Unfortunately I could not talk to the people on their who was only 5-6 people because you have to be a member and time is running short but now knowing that I can do it I might go on again at home.

communications-google groups

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Friday, May 13, 2005

week 10

Library website had many useful functions, these include

1. It gives you ways to do things. It can teach you to- develop your assignment topic, finding journal articles searching the web and searching for information using subject sources
2. It has ways to search the library using the web via: author, title, subject, keyword etc.
3. it can let you search databases via other campuses
4. It gives you the online version of the ecu learning guide
5. It shows you how to borrow from the library
6. It has an easy click on service. You can just click on the title and it will give you sub titles on what you need
7. it has a button you can click on to ask them any question
8. It has serveys that you can get into
9. it has hours, rules and contacts
10. it has a feedback link that you can say what you think
I looked at Je-Vax what it is is below;
Japanese encephalitis (in-cef-a-LY-tis) virus vaccine is an immunizing agent used to help prevent infection by the Japanese encephalitis virus. Japanese encephalitis is caused by the bite of a mosquito that lives in certain parts of Asia. The vaccine works by causing your body to produce its own protection (antibodies) against the virus.
This drug can apply to
• tourists visiting Asia
• Those who are bitten by the mosquito
• By Asians living in those parts of asia that are swamped by that mosquito
I looked at the asthma slide show on the medical website.
This site was really helpful. For a parent for example they can learn everything that they need to know and it is not difficult to understand.
This site is really really good it gives you ways to do things for example
• It goes at you own pace
• It has diagrams
• It is a fun page very colourful
• It has true false questions if you answer wrong it will n ot let you go on
• It gives you everything, an intro,anotamy, symptoms and causes, diagnosis, tratmant option and a summery
This website gives you the framework ,best practice, education, detection, how to reduce supply it was really good. To find it I went into google and wrote down drugs in sport and it gave me this great website

week 10

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Week 4 box diagram of data information and knowledge

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Week 9

1. Make sure that you are in the right place
(Use it as a source not just for fun)
2. when in doubt, doubt
(Test sources against each other all of them are bias in someway)
3. Consider the source
(Find out who wrote the web page and see if they are accurate)
4. Know what is happing
(Find out what the web pages purpose is)
5. look at the details
(Look for things like correct spelling and grammar)
6. distinguish web pages to pages found in Australia
(Everything is found on the web)

Counterculture of the sixties

Accuracy: Although a few spelling mistakes (“Thank you flo wer children.”) this sight got the point across

Authorship: there was no author shown on this sight. When I went back to the home page it has an email address that I can contact about enquires

Purpose: the purpose was to get across why the sixties happened and the result of it in a short reading

Detail and design: there was a lovely picture but everything was a little boring. I think that this sight is genuine, not like the sight below it has statistics, dates and thesis statements

Overall worth: I liked this web sight; it showed every aspect of the sixties. I also liked how it got to the point straight away instead of dragging it on.

The sixties project

Accuracy: I wasn’t born in the sixties so I don’t really know what it was like but looking at this sight I think it could be accurate. It had journals and stories by everyone born in the sixties although I’m not to sure about it because some one like me could just go on and fill out one for fun.

Authorship: the last time this sight was updated was the beginning of 1999, 6 years ago. The sight was designed by new word order when I clicked on it the www could not find it.

Purpose: this sight is a sight were all survivors of the sixties can come on to and talk to other sixties survivors and there experiences

Detail and design: I like how the web sight is so colourful although plain again this got the word across.

Overall worth: this was my favourite out of all the six sights I went to it was plain, it told me the aim of the sight in one small paragraph and had headings so I didn’t have to read the whole things just what mattered

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

week 8

1. Air. This ought to go without saying, but you'd be surprised how many amateurs forget this detail and wind up with a cold, hard kitty in the morning! If the containment vessel is sealed, you must drill airholes prior to kitten insertion. A diamond drill is recommended for glass vessels.
2. Food & Water. Especially if the kitten's head is being shaped (one of the most versatile aspects of the Bonsai Kitten), it will not be able to eat or drink normally. The most common solution is another hole in the container with a feeding tube to the kitten's mouth, where a liquid food slurry can provide both nutrient and hydration requirements.
3. Waste Removal. Left to its own devices, the kitten would quickly fill its vessel with its own urine and feces, leading to certain sickness and death, not to mention the inevitably unpleasant appearance and odor. The best solution is to seal the kitten's anus with Super Glue prior to insertion, and then insert a waste tube through a third hole in the vessel. As the kitten's body is still developing, a natural rectal diverticulum will soon form around the tube, which can be drained in any convenient fashion. It's just like a kitty colostomy bag!
The above was taken from the bonsaikitten website clearly that is one that clue that the site is a spoof others include:
• You have to ask permission to “grow your own”
• One thing at the bottom of the sight says “Bonsai Kitten will not be held responsible for the results of any attempts to apply any procedures described on this web site.”
• When asked for pictures it comes up with a white container
Part two
In this address before looking at it may be a person or a sight about aliens.
When I first logged on to this address I thought it was about a respectable black man who did a lot to do for his country.
This is a sight about martin, was a Jew who was assassinated april 4 1968. this man was a plagerist
This quote taken from the "New York Times" of October 11, 1991, page 15, it's learned that on October 10th of that year, a committee of researchers at Boston University admitted that, "There is no question but that Dr. King plagiarized in the dissertation." However, despite its finding, the committee said that%2

week 5 presentation bits and atoms

Bits vs atoms

Atoms are traditional. We all read the newspaper magazines and books, these are all atoms
Atoms have their good side.
Atoms are easy to protect there easy to hide their very hard to change and copy but in saying that they bulky, costly, their very difficult to edit and distribute Atoms are becoming a thing of the past, as I go further into later down the page bits are going to be easier cheaper and lazier to find

Bits are digital which for example are found on the internet, they are finantualdemographic and matters of choice
Bits also have their good and bad side. Bits are very flexible and cheep they are easy to edit and mass produce and broadcast. Although bits do not have any privacy how many times have students for example gone on the internet and plagiarised therefore it is easy to copy and steal by anyone. Authenticity people claiming to be a professor can come onto the internet and make up unrealistic statistics which can be used in a university paper

Bits are taking over the atoms formal atoms such as banking and cds are found on the internet- internet banking and pirated music as well as emails
(how often are letters written) My point is saying that things in our everyday life will be found in bit form in the future things such as TV and shopping. What is next? One day we could all be sitting around the computer doing all our everyday tasks. I for one know that shopping is becoming even more popular because by doing it in the comfort of your home you can stay in your pyjamas and do nothing at the same time. Diets are on the internet my mum is on a diet on the net were you can talk to other dieters it tells you what to eat and makes a diagram of all your efforts

One thing to make bits that one thing easier is that we can make favourites we no longer need to remember addresses to do this we go into tools click customise toolbars and tick drawing than to add you need to right click text

week 4

Factual information used as a basis for reasoning, facts and statistics used for reference or analysis
The communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence
The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association
(Found on

These are great organisations that you will find almost anything that you want. Having these resources available on the net makes it convenient, cheep, and can do it any time of the day or night in the comfort of your own home.
This site is directed mainly at engineers you can apply for jobs “Sensis Corporation's Purpose is to provide distinctively elegant, innovative technical solutions in the service of humanity”
This has everything that you would normally find in the white pages just an online version
On this website you can write in where you are and the quickest way to get to where you want. It also gives you timetables of bus and train times and where they go. This is handy for someone like me who always gets lost and not so good at finding places via a street directory
The Australian beuro of statistics has every statistic you need including population the most dangerous sport anything this is good for any student when on this site you can find anything that you want to
The age is an online newspaper telling you the most recent of events
Here you can find your perfect job that is available all you do is write in location, preferred amount of pay and what you would like to do and it comes up with every match that will suit you

Today I learned what data information and knowledge mean. I also found out 6 fascinating placed to find them on the Internet. I was never very good at understanding how the Internet worked but today I learned how to get somewhere via bus train and how many meters it would take to walk. I found out how to find out details about someone. I found out a great place in which I can find my perfect job. I learned that you don’t have to buy the newspaper you can read all about it on the web. I found a great place to find every kind of statistic that you want. The Internet is really filled with a lot of informational knowledge that I can use everyday, and with these sites as a start I can start not to be afraid of the net or spent ages trying to find what I want.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Week 7

1) Russia
2) Venezuela
3) Brazil
4) River Tigris
5) Poland
6) Siberia
7) Pakistan
8) Burma
9) Australia
10) Africa
11) Australia

Good searches consist of four main strategies
-a good search engine for example my favourite is askjeeves
-key words it narrows everything down, a sentence will give you everything that has an “it” or an “and” in it.
-Commas are good way to get what you need
-narrow it down if you can. In google it has pages from Australia, Images, groups, news and more
-In google, there is a tag that says advanced search when you click on it you can use any language format etc. this is helpful for the sentences etc.

Today I found this fantastic site on google called advanced search in there you can right in what you need to find, I had no idea about all the other search engines. The only search engine that I use is google or askjeeves, there is go eureka yahoo AltaVista.

Friday, April 22, 2005

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week 6

This week I learned to do end notes. Endnotes are more commonly known as refernces. These endnotes can be done on the computer. When you come into work it should appear once appeared you click on the tab second from the left it will come up with a blank screen. To enter a endnote there are a two yellow pages 9 tabes from the left click on that. It will then appear with a set out refernce guide. Enter in the ones that can be provided. Once done that click the top right hand cross and it will come up with youre own on the blank space, don’t forget to enter whether it is a book of journasl etc. to put them on your word page click on your blank page when on there click the arrow tab which will put it in word for you

Thursday, March 17, 2005

week three

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Week 3

How to give a good talk

1 be clear in what you write
2 different colourful colours
3 have funky slide designs
4 dont have two many picturs they can be distracting
5 be interesting in what you say

Today i did a six page design on powerpoint using the above techniques